Our standard mattress is manufactured using an open coil spring unit. An ideal choice if you are looking for a budget mattress for students, social housing, rental property and the care sector or where the need exists for frequent replacement.

Open Coil spring mattresses are top quilted ensuring the fillings are securely held in place, providing a smooth sleeping surface.  A wipeable option is also available within this range with the use of a permeable ticking, designed for ease of cleaning.

Please note the permeable option is not quilted or recommended for use by clients requiring a fully waterproof mattress.

Insulated on both sides with quality fibres to provide comfort at the surface with rod edging providing perimeter rigidity.

The Standard mattress also makes an excellent guest room or children’s first mattress for domestic clients.

Available in three standard sizes; single, double or king.

Finished in either a poly/cotton mix or permeable waterproof breathable fabric.

A popular choice for a range of clients including AKG Property Group,  Finlayson Gore , Scottish Veterans, Easylets, Rentflats, Glenalmond College, Rockford Properties, St. Leonards school,   


We don’t do cheap mattresses – we do budget mattresses and quality mattresses at a price point to suit all budgets.

Our Team - Standard mattress

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Specification Template

Manufactured to the highest quality by expert craftsmen and produced on-site in our Dundee factory


  • available in 3 sizes – Single, Double, King


  • soft-medium firmness
  • poly/cotton mix top quilted
  • available in a permeable finish
  • 7 inches deep
  • 2.1 Guage Spring unit
  • 3.66 Gauge Rod edge


  • meets Crib 5 fire rating suitable for use within the contract market
  • exceeds the fire rating requirement for the domestic market

Frequent turning recommended